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Anderson Joinery will guide you every step of the way when planing your new kitchen or refurbishing your current kitchen. We will take care of the details; from measuring and planning, to assisting you choosing a layout and design, offering advise and ensuring your get your dream kitchen. 



When embarking on a new kitchen the first and most important step is to plan the layout in a way that makes the best use of the space. Though every home is different, there are four or five classic layouts, each with their own benefits. If you are renovating an old kitchen, you will also need to take into account existing fittings. 


   - U-Shape: Suited to larger rooms, this option will help to increase storage space and surround the cook on three sides with everything within easy reach


   - L-Shape: Kitchens that are built into a corner are perfect for open plan spaces & allows you to move freely and offer optimum counter space


   - G-shaped: Essentially a version of the U-shaped layout. It's best suited to those who want to pack every square inch of kitchen possible into their space but don't have room for the clearance required around an island


   - Galley Kitchen: With one or two runs of continuous cupboards are favoured by chefs, this style allows you to reach all work areas of the space with ease


   - Straight-line Kitchen: The most affordable option, this is perfect for small and narrow spaces


   - Islands: Adding an island to a U-Shape or L-Shape kitchen increases the kitchens functionality and can provide maximum flexibility for cooking, entertaining, dining or just hanging out. Adding an island to your kitchen will help to create additional workspace. A work zone and/or social hub, the island provides additional work surfaces and can also include a breakfast bar or incorporate sockets for charging phones and laptops, you can add storage for wine or even books. With the modern extractors (integrated into the ceiling)  there is no reason not to have your hob located on the island itself. The island can also delineate the kitchen zone without cutting it off, a plus if you like to socialise with guests while cooking.  Sight lines are another important layout consideration, particularly when designing for an open-plan space. The sight lines from key views and entrances should be kept as clear as possible so that the room feels open and spacious.


If it's a new space, you can select a layout that best suits your needs. 


Kitchen Zones

Whatever the layout best suits your needs, there are some key things that are fundamental to every kitchen design. You need to consider consider the various zones in your kitchen and how best to fit these together. A designated area for food preparation, cooking, serving and washing-up. Specifically keep the dishwasher near the sink, and try to keep the bin within easy reach of the dishwasher, the food preparation area and the cooktop zone. Each kitchen zone should have sufficient storage and worktop space.


This is all part of the ‘golden triangle’, a three-point rule for the placement of the sink, fridge and cooking areas. This is a good rule of thumb and is simply about keeping the most-used areas of the kitchen in close enough proximity to each other.


The Details

 Finally, dont forget to plan dfor the details: utensil drawers, pots and pans stored next to the cooktop and oven, knife block and drawers adjacent to food preparation areas and don't forget to measure all your crockery and tableware – you’ll want them to fit perfectly in your new kitchen and appliances.



After all of the planning and design has been done, your wish list taken into account, kitchen zones and layout decided upon, we'll get working on building your new kitchen.



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